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2008 Way of the Cross

The crowd follows the Cross to the Jail

Another volunteers takes the Cross

The Jail continues its work during the procession

Station Eleven: Jesus Promises to Share His Reign with the Good Thief

The crowd takes in the Scripture in the shadow of the Jail

Station Twelve: Jesus is on the Cross with His Mother and Disciple Below

Everyone's feet prepare for the rest of the journey

The Cross continues its path as the sky darkens and the winds increase

The Cross is dwarfed by the towering buildings

Followers continue the solemn trek

The Cross arrives at Principal Financial

Another steps up to take the Cross

Station Thirteen: Jesus Dies on the Cross

Quietly reflecting on the Word

Station Fourteen: Jesus in Placed in the Tomb

Proceeding on its solemn route

The Cross continues its journey

The followers continue their journey in the shadow of the Cross

Arriving at Principal Park

The Cross takes its rest at the final station

Station Fifteen: The Resurrection

The Journey is complete!