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Way of the Cross 2012

First United Methodist Church

Station One: Jesus Prays in the Garden of Olives

Station Two: Jesus is Betrayed by Judas

Connection Cafe

Station Three: Jesus Is Condemned to Death by the Sanhedrin

Station Four: Jesus is Denied by Peter

Catholic Pastoral Center

Station Five: Jesus is Judged by Pilate

Station Six: Jesus is Flogged and Crowned with Thorns

Elsie Mason Manor

Station Seven: Jesus Carries His Cross

Station Eight: Jesus Is Helped by Simon of Cyrene

Nollen Plaza

Station Nine: Jesus Encounters the Woman of Jerusalem

Station Ten: Jesus is Crucified

Polk County Jail

Station Eleven: Jesus Promises to Share His Reign with the Good Thief

Station Twelve: Jesus is on the Cross with His Mother and Disciple Below

Principal Financial

Station Thirteen: Jesus Dies on the Cross

Station Fourteen: Jesus is Placed in the Tomb

(photo submitted by "The Barefoot Walker/Runner")
Principal Park
Station Fifteen: The Resurrection