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Way of the Cross 2018





The journey begins at First United Methodist Church in downtown Des Moines. 
The Cross arrives for its symbolic walk through downtown.

First United Methodist Church:

Station 1: Jesus Prays in the Garden of Olives

Station 2: Jesus is betrayed by Judas.

The Connection Cafe/Cathedral Church of St. Paul

Station 3: Jesus is condemned to death by the Sandedrin

Station 4: Jesus is betrayed by Peter


Elsie Mason Manor

Station 5: Jesus is judged by Pilate

Station 6: Jesus is flogged and crowned with thorns


Cowles Commons:

Station 7: Jesus carries His cross

Station 8: Jesus is helped by Simon of Cyrene


Polk County Courthouse:

Station 9: Jesus encounters the women of Jerusalem

Station 10: Jesus is Crucified


St. Ambrose Cathedral:

Station 11: Jesus promises to share His reign with the good thief

Station 12: Jesus is on the Cross wit His mother and disciple below


St. John's Lutheran Church:

Station 13: Jesus dies on the Cross

Station 14: Jesus is placed in the tomb


CenturyLink Park:

Station 15: The Resurrection!